Equipnik Stud Finder - finds Stud Centers


Find Stud centres with a single pass -- faster & more accurate than traditional edge finders

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Stud Finder (finds stud center) detects metal wood pipes & live-wires

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Equipnik Stud Center Finder - Specifications

Condition:Brand New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (non-retail packaging: unprinted box)
Features:LCD Display
Measuring Technology:Electronic
Country/Region of Manufacture:China
Battery (Not Included):9 Volt
Item Height:3.6cm
Item Length:16cm
Item Width:7.1cm
Item Weight:145g
Type:Electronic Stud Finder
Manufacturer Warranty:1 year

This Item features four scanning modes:

Stud scan:Locates the center and edges of wood and metal studs up to 19 mm deep.
Deep mode:Locates the center and edges of wood and metal studs up to 38 mm deep.
Metal scan:Detects metal (such as 12mm rebar) up to 60 mm deep.
AC scan:Detects live unshielded AC wires up to 51 mm deep.

How it works

Place the stud finder on the surface, press the button to Calibrate, move it to Scan. It will beep when the stud centre is Detected. Why waste your time with other brands that can find only stud edges and only after multiple passes from both directions?







Accurately pinpoints the stud edges

As you scan over the stud equipnik stud finder accurately displays the stud edge with an arrow and bar in the display





Compare Equipnik Stud Finder with other brands

Magnetic Stud Finders

Magnetic Stud Finders can locate steel studs, but not timber studs. In some cases, a magnetic finder can locate the nails or screws that attach the plaster lining. But in modern homes the plaster linings are glued to the stud rendering, making magnetic stud finders useless.

IPhone as Stud Finder

IPhone stud finder apps rely on the built-in magnetometer. Like magnetic stud finders, they can detect steel studs, but are useless for finding timber studs in modern homes.

Other Electronic Stud Finders

Why waste your time with other brand Electronic Stud Finders that can find only stud edges and only after multiple passes from both directions?

Equipnik Stud Center Finder

Our electronic wall sensor precisely locates wall studs, ceiling joists, or floor joists whether they are wooden or metal, to a depth of 4cm (wood) or 6cm(metal).

Equipnik Center Finding Stud Finder


This stud finder features a live AC wire warning system that works continuously in Stud scan, Deep scan and Metal scan modes.

When live AC voltage is detected, a warning indicator icon will appear in the display. Use the AC scan mode to precisely locate the location of the live wires to a depth of 5cm.

This feature could save your life!


The backlit LCD display is straight-forward and complete;

it includes indicators for Mode, low battery, stud edge, stud center, signal strength, and live wire warning. It has audio alert to signal stud center.

The instrument is lightweight and comfortable in the hand. It has 2 simple controls, the power/scan button and mode switch, making it easy and intuitive to use.

It has a USER MANUAL with instructions, tips and hints to assist when dealing with different surfaces.


This stud finder is a professional grade precision instrument suitable for full time commercial or private use; and Ideal for the DIY home owner.

With care it will last a lifetime.

Buy it now risk free with our 30-day money back guarantee, 1-year manufacturer's replacement warranty, and lifetime customer support.

Whether you're on the job or tackling your latest DIY project at home, a useful set of tools is irreplaceable. Don't rely on magnetic stud finders to keep you safe during construction and home improvement. Instead, invest in Equipnik's Electronic Stud Finder to accurately locate wooden and metal studs, and live AC wires at a depth of up to 5cm.

When you're mounting a TV, installing a shelf, or doing some home improvement, you want the job done right.

Equipnik prides itself in providing the best in high-quality tools, at a competitive price. We supply through reliable and responsible channels to give you the best possible customer experience, and if your experience isn't the best, we want to help.

Our quality guarantee ensures that you can buy Equipnik products with confidence.

I never drill a hole in a wall without first using my electronic center stud finder
Fast Reliable and Accurate Detectioin
A stud Finder that won't leave you guessing
A great gift for the home handyman tradesman or construction worker
Find Stud centers with a single pass faster & more accurate than traditional edge finders
Detects metal, timber electrical
3 step action Calibrate scan detect
Use the stud finder to locate all pipes, electrical and structural elements before starting work