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Stud Finder (finds stud center) detects metal wood pipes & live-wires

Price: AU $39 each

(Includes Delivery in Australia) 

  • FINDS STUD CENTERS QUICKLY: Save time with Equipnik's studfinder. Quickly and accurately find the centers of wooden or metal studs with asimple one-way motion. Then, if required, move the scanner left and right tolocate the edges. Why waste your time with other brands that can find only studedges and only after multiple passes from both directions?
  • ELECTRONIC DETECTION: Most indoor residential buildings usewooden studs, rendering a magnetic stud finder inaccurate. When drywall andplaster linings are glued to the stud, you need an electronic detection system,rather than a simple stud magnet. Our electronic wall sensor precisely locateswall studs, ceiling joists, or floor joists whether they are wooden or metal,to a depth of 1 inch (wood) or 2? inch (metal).
  • ELECTICAL LIVE WIRE WARNING FEATURE: This stud finderfeatures a live AC wire warning system that works continuously in Stud scan,Deep scan and Metal scan modes. When live AC voltage is detected, a warningindicator icon will appear in the display. Use the AC scan mode to preciselylocate the location of the live wires to a depth of 2 inch. This feature couldsave your life!
  • EASY-TO-USE: The backlit LCD display is straight-forward andcomplete; it includes indicators for Mode, low battery, stud edge, stud center,signal strength, and live wire warning. It has audio alert to signal studcenter. The instrument is lightweight and comfortable in the hand. It has 2simple controls, the power/scan button and mode switch, making it easy andintuitive to use. It has a USER MANUAL with instructions, tips and hints toassist when dealing with different surfaces.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. This stud finder is aprofessional grade precision instrument suitable for full time commercial orprivate use; and Ideal for the diy home owner. With care it will last alifetime. Buy it now risk free with our 30-day money back guarantee, 1-yearmanufacturer's replacement warranty, and lifetime customer support.